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Where is Matt?

Hello everybody!
I want to share with you this video. I think it´s to interesting and it has a lot of points of view. In my opinion, this video says that we are the same in all the places! And you, what do you think?Answer these questions:
1.Why did people dance with Matt?
2. What title would you give to this video? Why?

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  1. Parents from Ensino Fundamental! If you answer these questions, your sons will get dollars!

    Teacher Karol

  2. Answer question 1:
    Matt put smiles on the people within his viscinity. No one dancing with him had a sad face!! All those people around the world, laughing and dancing.

    Answer question 2:
    The title I would give is "Learn how to be full of happines with Matt!", because it's what humans should do!
    Perfect video!

    Congratulations Teacher Karol!

    Luciana Nunes - Luísa's Mom, morning first year.

  3. Techer Carol Hello, my name is Vanessa's mother Valeska am a student of 3rd year, I'm here to join the proposed activity.
    Good watching the video, we realized that Matt visit several countries, I believe he is a traveler, those who go round the world. But he did not want to just take a trip around the world, he somehow wanted to be different, so I guess she thought the dance, where everyone ends up infecting and participating with him.
    Congratulations on work with children.

    Kisses, Vanessa

  4. A Ariane amou o vídeo!!!!
    Disse que as pessoas dançam com Matt porque a dança dele é muito legal e contagiante. O título do vídeo poderia ser "A dança une as pessoas" pois em todos os lugares onde ele foi as pessoas se juntaram a ele para dançar e se divertir.
    Ariane e Débora

  5. òtimas respostas dear parents!!!! Continuem interagindo!

  6. Que vídeo lindo!!!
    As pessoas dançam com o Matt porque ele contagia a todos, em qualquer lugar do mundo, com seu jeito descolado, proporcionando um momento de descontração e relaxamento.
    Um bom título para o vídeo "A dança e a alegria atraem todas as pessoas"
    Adorei essa sua sugestão teacher Karol, parabéns pelo trabalho!

    Carolina Volney - Mãe da Júlia Volney primeiro ano vespertino.

  7. Eric (Larissa's father, afternoon first year)5 de agosto de 2010 16:35

    Congratulation Teacher
    You made the entire family take part in the task. We appreciate so much your blog.
    1) Dancing is a universal language. All people dance, apart of being a good or a bad dancer, only if they are happy. So, the Matt’s happiness, translated in your style of dancing, infects the persons around him and shows the happiness throughout the world.
    2)Don’t worry, be happy and dance.
    Because your happiness doesn’t dwell alone, it should be shared to be alive.

  8. Muito interessante o vídeo.
    As pessoas dançam com o Matt porque a liguagem corporal é universal independente do país. Assim ele pode transmitir todo sentimento dançando.
    O video poderia se chamar "A Dança ultrapassa fronteiras".
    Luciana Cintra - Mãe da Maria Eduarda Cintra - 1 ano matutino

  9. We loved the video. The Matt happyness invite people to dance with him. And although they talk different languages, dancing they don't have difference!

    For the tittle, we suggest: The happyness of the dance!

    I'm Larissa Novais - Gabriel Novais's Mom.

  10. GREAT!!!!
    Eric,Larissas's father, has made a great comment! such as all...
    thanks parents!

  11. Pedro/Ingrid, ERIC's Tad and Mom7 de agosto de 2010 06:59

    1.Why did people dance with Matt?
    Because they feel contagious to share Matt's happiness, and all of them want to be happy like him.

    2. What title would you give to this video? Why?
    Title: Dancing for the world happiness
    Why: Because everywhere he goes, he leaves his contagious dancing and makes people happy.

  12. 1.Why did people dance with Matt?
    I think because they have fun doing it.

    2. What title would you give to this video? Why?
    "Dancer without borders". The dance is a form of expression that can be interpreted in any language and culture.

    Beatriz, Luis Miguel's mother (first year).

  13. 1.Why did people dance with Matt?
    Porque a dança é engraçada.

    2. What title would you give to this video? Why?
    Dança do Flamingo. Porque eles levantam os pés.

    Gabriela, 2º ano. KIsses .......

  14. 1.Why did people dance with Matt?
    Porque a dança é engraçada.

    2. What title would you give to this video? Why?
    Dança do Flamingo. Porque eles levantam os pés.

  15. Fabrícia e Saulo (pais da Júlia Vilela-1º ano-Vespertino)8 de agosto de 2010 08:10

    Adoramos o vídeo.

    1. Porque todas as pessoas interagem com o que é alegre e divertido.

    2. Alegria pelo mundo. Porque o Matt contagia a todos com a sua dança.

    Fabrícia e Saulo. Pais da Júlia Vilela-1º ano vespertino

  16. Marcos e Rita (pais da Lara Melissa)11 de agosto de 2010 17:27

    Hi teacher, this video was very interesting and curious.
    1. We think the people dance with Matt because they are crazy and like enjoy theirself.
    2. The name we would you like to give is Crazy Dance, because Matt dances like a crazy person.
    See You,
    Lara Melissa.


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