"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”Mark van Doren, U.S. poet, writer, and eminent teacher


English Supermarket

English Supermarket (October, 2010) on PhotoPeach

During all the year, the students from Ensino Fundamental recieved "dollars" for the activities done, they saved these and finally we had The Supermarket! They spent all the dollars, it was so funny, we enjoyed a lot!


Happy halloween!

Happy halloween! Click on the link and watch a great video! It´s grat and suitable for all ages!


Hello students and parents! During this week, we studied about Teacher's day, and my pupil José Victor (Jardim II A afternoon) has made this picture of us: He draw the uniform, flowers to me, and the desk too. He said: Teacher, I am asking you to see my book activity! I LOVED THIS PICTURE!!! The hair is perfect (laugh) and my bag too, that's orange ! Thank you José Victor!!!